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Category: Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Tips for Choosing a Surgeon

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A patient speaking with a doctor before choosing a surgeon.

People who consider a surgical procedure often spend a lot of time analyzing the process. They think about the results, costs, previous experiences of others, and possible side effects. While all of it matters, of course, there are other essential aspects worth the attention. And one of the most important factors to consider is choosing a surgeon. While it may sound simple, at first, it goes far beyond just choosing someone with credentials. If you want to have an entirely positive experience, every piece of a puzzle has to fit in its place, from the first impression to conditions and clear communication between the client and the doctor. It will require a bit of effort, but following the right tips will help you make the right decision.

Relevant Tips for Choosing the Right Surgeon

A decision about your reconstructive or cosmetic procedure is a hard one. It can be a life-changing event that adds a lot of pressure, whether it’s out of necessity or just changing the way you feel about yourself. That’s why not everyone would be suitable enough to appease and completely understand all your needs. You will need an experienced and reliable plastic surgeon who easily connects with patients. Someone who deeply appreciates aesthetic harmony and knows what it requires.

To ease your search for such a surgeon, here is the list of some essential elements to keep in mind:

  • Start by looking for referrals
  • Consult with multiple surgeons
  • Research the clinic quality
  • Get information about the surgeon’s experience
  • Consider the field of expertise
  • Check what previous patients have to say
  • See examples of the work
  • Evaluate the communication

Start By Listening to Referrals

No matter where you live, chances are that your primary care physician can point you in the right direction. At least, a doctor will know where to get relevant information about the subject. There are also friends and family members who might have a previous experience with such type of surgery so they can tell you about it. Finally, you can always explore the internet and check what others advise about where to look. And, of course, what to look for.

Don’t rush the search – take enough time to gather as much information and referrals as you can. Should you reside in the US, the American Board of Plastic Surgery is an excellent place to start. Create the list of surgeons and start calling them to check when they will accept new patients. Once available, make sure to schedule the appointment for consultations.

Consult With Multiple Surgeons

It goes without saying that getting in touch with multiple surgeons is a necessity. While it may seem convenient that a particular surgical office is the right choice, never make a decision after the phone calls only. You have to physically go to the institution and have a live chat with potential doctors.

In general, this can ask for a tremendous effort, but considering the delicacy of the process, it’s worth it. You will have a first-hand impression and a chance to speak and consult directly about your issues. Only then will you form the correct opinion about which surgeon will be the best option for you.

Talking with a surgeon over the live video call, representing one of the ways for choosing a surgeon.

Schedule several appointments and visits before making any decision.

Research the Clinic Quality

One of the first impressions you will get is immediately after the arrival. The doctor’s clinic/office/practice/hospital is where you will spend some time. For this reason, the place where they receive their patients has to be in the top condition and perfectly sanitized. For obvious reasons, the highly-rated clinics will always keep their premises in top condition. This is where they greet their patients, host and consult them, and finally, conduct the procedures. As for the latest example, make sure to discretely inspect the surroundings and equipment. If the clinic has moved from another place by chance, it will be evident if they have paid attention to all the critical aspects of relocating such a business. Packing medical equipment is a challenge enough, let alone the transfer of it to a new location. So, the office and equipment handled with care will be easy to notice. If you see anything out of place, either the clinic is just starting or is not appropriately managed.

A set of eye-surgery tools displayed on a quality blue rubber package.

Surgical equipment is delicate and should always be in neat condition.

Get Information About the Surgeon’s Experience

No matter the job or the industry, the experience does matter, especially in medicine, and particularly in surgery, where years of practice can make all the difference. You want someone who knows exactly what to do for such a precise and delicate operation. After all, there is always a risk of complications, so you need a doctor who can react accordingly. Even without potential issues, the quality of work will still depend on previous experience.

Without hesitation, always ask about how many such procedures the doctor has performed before. If the doctor feels comfortable with your demands and knows how to treat similar conditions, you will be in good hands.

Consider the Field of Expertise

In medicine, and especially in plastic surgery, not all doctors are the same. There are different fields of expertise based on their skills, training, and past experiences. For example, if the doctor is a specialist for liposuction and you are looking for an endoscopic plastic surgery specialist, you might want to extend your search a bit further.

However, many quality surgeons specialize in a variety of procedures. It is not a surprise that you will come across the doctors who master dozens of fields. Again, if they have been years into the business, they had plenty of time to make all those accomplishments, especially if they are working at one of the famous and often busy clinics. So, credentials, certifications, and even a history of complaints should be good guidelines for searching for a proper surgeon.

Check What Previous Patients Have to Say

Again, other people’s opinions on the matter can mean a lot. If you have a chance, look for people who have previous experience with a particular doctor. Check what they have to say about their own experiences. Today, considering the increased information flow, you can easily come by relevant information. The internet is, after all, a place where you can find reviews, testimonials, and other evidence of good or bad behavior. The same goes for surgeons as for any other business. People with positive experiences will not shy away from sharing their opinions, especially if they are delighted with the results. And in fields such as plastic surgery, the patient’s satisfaction is of ultimate relevance.

Two hands shaking in front of numerous clients' profile pictures.

Satisfied clients are a good source of information when choosing a surgeon.

It’s Essential to See Examples of the Work Before Choosing a Surgeon

While consulting with a doctor, don’t forget to ask to see the previous work. Those with a proven reputation always keep a record of conditions before and after the procedures. By looking at the examples, you will not only see the magnificence of the work, but you may also learn something you didn’t know before. Also, during the exhibition, the doctor will have a chance to explain the procedure in much more detail, which leads us to the next tip.

Evaluating the Communication

No matter how good the surgeon is, it won’t matter if you misunderstand each other. The doctor has to clearly understand and deeply emphasize with the patients, particularly if they are going to do a good job. On the other side, the patients have to feel comfortable talking about the subject. This is why communication is of the essence and one of the most critical ways to gather information while choosing a surgeon. Also, it’s an excellent way to see how the doctor and the personnel treat their patients. If you are not exactly satisfied with how the conversation is going or how you are hosted, consider visiting another office.

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Great Websites to Research Your Upcoming Procedure

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A person typing on their laptop researching their upcoming procedure.


Plastic surgery has become a mainstream path that more and more people seem to take. Although there’s still quite a bit of stigma around the subject, getting different procedures for all the right reasons can be highly beneficial. Nevertheless, as with anything else in life, some things could go awry if you don’t take the necessary precautions to ensure success. One of the most critical steps when it comes to plastic surgery is having sufficient information from reliable sources. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of websites to research your upcoming procedure to help you get all the data that you need.

Consult Robert Wald, MD

Of course, our very own website can’t go unnoticed, for a good reason. By going through, you can find information on various topics concerning your upcoming procedure and everything else you may want to research before the big day arrives. Dr. Robert Wald is a well-known board-certified plastic surgeon in Orange County. He relies on his surgical talent, sufficient experience, and cutting-edge technology to provide his patients with natural beauty and aesthetic harmony. You can even schedule a consultation through the website if you haven’t found the precise information you were looking for.  

A girl talking on the phone

Contacting Dr. Robert Wald is a great way to start your research on the upcoming procedure.


Luckily for anyone who’s ever thought about getting a tummy tuck, there are great websites you can use to research your upcoming procedure. Medscape has many clinical articles that talk about cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and reconstructive surgery. What’s great about is that, while other sites of this caliber demand payment, Medscape is entirely free. Although they use terminology that sometimes seems complicated, you’ll get very detailed and thorough information.


By checking the content on, you’ll get unique pieces of information. They are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, cosmetic surgery forums. There, you can research the upcoming procedure that awaits you by browsing through a vast number of answers to various questions. There are also reviews and photos you can take a look at. Something that sets them apart is their doctor’s transparency. They advise people without hidden motives or anything of the sort.

New You Magazine

Until this point, we’ve mentioned some established and iconic websites that have been around for quite a while. However, is more of a newcomer of the bunch. Although this can sound a bit unreliable at first glance, that isn’t the case with them. The fact that they’re new separates them from the rest but in a positive manner. They post much more content in an effort to prove themselves while maintaining a consistent level of quality. Aside from researching your upcoming procedure, they also offer great patient stories from which you can gain experience.

Make Me Heal

What makes stand out from the rest is its format. It contains very informative active forums where their patients have a chance to dive into discussions. This way, you won’t only get the opinion of one person or establishment, but you’ll gain knowledge from various sources.

Patients use the forums to state all the pros and cons of their experience in the world of plastic surgery. There’s no better way to research your upcoming procedure than to look at many different experiences. You’ll gather intel on what to expect when it comes to the preparation process, healing, as well as the all-important financial aspect. What’s more, you’ll also get a chance to help others once you go through the procedure. Of course, something that you must be cautious about is that anyone can access forums. Some people don’t share authentic stories, which means that you should always double-check. The truth lies in the numbers. 

Several people gathered around a laptop.

Visit different forums where you can go into in-depth discussions about your upcoming procedure. It is a great way to do some research.

Just Breast Implants Forum

If you’re looking to get breast implants, there’s quite a bit of data you should be aware of. Getting ready for this type of plastic surgery can be a bit more challenging than simply going to a dermatology surgeon for a quick lift. You can find great personal stories on that’ll do a great job of preparing you for what’s to come. Women from all backgrounds share some finer details about their experiences with breast augmentation. They do so to help guide those about to go through the same thing.

Medline Plus is a very established website that offers advice from reliable and trustworthy experts. Their main subjects address cosmetic plastic surgery. Seeing how it’s one of the more mellow fields in this universe, people tend not to talk about it enough. Nevertheless, many mishaps could happen if you chose the wrong person for the job. Its layout may not be fancy or flashy, but that’s because they offer well-curated and education-focused information that only comes from the most reliable sources.

Final words

Something that you mustn’t fail to remember is that the internet is an ever-changing place. Although you can use these websites to research your upcoming procedure, you should never rely on one source solely. As previously stated, always double-check. Also, doing your own research is a great way to get information. However, internet scrolling can never be a substitute for a surgeon’s opinion. 

Is Medical Tourism Worth It?

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Two doctors in surgery


Medical tourism, also known as health tourism, is becoming more and more common. Many people decide to travel and have medical treatments done in other countries, from a tummy tuck to organ transplants. They are seeking surgery at lower costs or a specific procedure they are unable to have in their home country. Even though this whole process might be appealing for various reasons, it has many potential risks, and some are very serious. Therefore, you may wonder – Is medical tourism worth it? Read this article to find out.

What Drives People to Have Surgery Abroad?

  • Lower costs – Medical and surgical care overseas is often cheaper than in the USA. That’s mainly because the cost of labor is (sometimes drastically) lower in foreign countries. If someone needs a procedure that is not covered by insurance, such as plastic surgery, or if someone doesn’t have insurance at all, the savings can be significant.
  • Insurance incentives and discounts – Some insurance companies promote medical tourism. It’s also because of savings – both for the insurer and for the insured.
  • Exotic vacations – Health tourism often implies exotic vacation overseas – before or after surgery. This became an inexpensive way to travel, especially if the insurance company is paying for the flight and the cost of staying is low. Recovering on a beach or at a beautiful location may sound like a wonderful idea. But in reality, swimming and relaxing in the sun is hardly possible after most procedures.
  • Bypassing rules and regulations – The USA has many healthcare regulations that protect patients from harm. However, some people will do anything to avoid regulations set by their government, insurance company, or hospital.
  • Talented surgeons – Surgeons in certain countries are known for their talent in specific areas. For example, Brazilian surgeons are famous for their plastic surgery skills, while Thailand is often associated with people seeking gender reassignment.
Surgeons performing surgery

Sometimes, it’s easier to qualify for a certain procedure abroad, but there are many safety risks involved.

What’s the Catch?

The majority of people traveling overseas for plastic surgery are females, but men are also willing to go under the knife to achieve their dream look. Even though medical tourism may sound fantastic, there are many potential risks to consider.

Quality of Surgery

Medical care in a foreign country means different devices, injectables, and techniques than those in the USA. As teams from Sky Moving can confirm, the US is one of the countries where people are most eager to move to. Its prosperity and high-quality health care are the main reasons for it.

It is hard to obtain information about foreign physicians and the quality of their work from afar. A foreign physician should be trained and board-certified in the specific area of medicine appropriate for a particular procedure.

An operating room with medical staff

The USA has one of the best health care systems in the world.

Quality of Staff and Facility

The well-trained nursing staff is an integral part of healthcare. They often identify a potential problem and fix it before it becomes a real issue. On the other hand, poorly trained nursing staff may not recognize a problem until it is too late.

The facility where the surgery will be performed is another essential factor to consider. Foreign facilities may be dirty, with old equipment, outdated technology, and minimal resources. Furthermore, surgeries in foreign countries are sometimes performed in an isolated facility far away from a major hospital, without access to a higher level of medical care.

Flying Home Right After Surgery Is Risky

Every patient should know that after every major surgery, there’s a risk of blood clots. Long-haul flights can increase that risk, and clots can lead to death or stroke. So, flying home immediately after surgery is very risky. Patients should wait at least one week to decrease the chances of developing any serious complications during the flight.

Food in Foreign Hospitals Is Different

A patient with a sensitive stomach should always think twice about having surgery abroad. The food in foreign hospitals may be very different from food at home. Water in some areas is also totally different, and it can upset the stomach easily. If the food and water cause diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, your postoperative period can become very hard.

Difficulties With Follow-Up Care

Keep in mind that many physicians and surgeons are hesitant to take care of a patient who received medical care outside the country. They may have concerns about the quality of procedures and care provided overseas. So, finding a doctor that’s willing to treat you may become an issue.

Many American plastic surgeons spend countless hours repairing the scars and disfiguring damage done by a poorly trained foreign surgeon. Unfortunately, many individuals suffer serious infections or permanent harm.

A worried man sitting on a couch

Arranging for follow-up care after a surgery done in a foreign country may be difficult.

Moving to a Smaller Home as a Way to Save Money for Quality Medical Care

Many people would rather have a medical procedure in their home country and avoid all the risks that come with overseas surgery. But, they struggle with finances. One way to improve your finances is finding a smaller space to move to and live a much simpler life while cutting your costs dramatically. Moving into a smaller home means you’ll spend less time on regular home maintenance, and you’ll pay less for utilities each month. Cutting your costs will help you save for a medical procedure or anything else you wish or need.

The Bottom Line

In the USA, each board-certified surgeon needs to follow the highest clinical standards, with many pharmaceutical and medical laws in place. Even though these standards increase the costs of health care, they also improve safety. So, is medical tourism worth it? We hope you agree that your body and life are much more important than financial savings or exotic vacations overseas.

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