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Skin Care

At Dr. Wald’s office we offer a full variety of skin care product lines.

Skin Care Products

Skin Products

This line of advanced skincare products is designed to prevent further damage, protect healthy skin, and correct previous damage. skIN3 achieving results means more than restoring youthful radiant skin- it means putting “care” back in healthcare and focusing on your lifestyle. The formulations are elegantly crafted into functional products- designed, formulated, and tested for effectiveness. The entire skincare program works as a complete system for maximum improvement to skin health.

RHA Products

These products help patients to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, while maintaining the benefits of medical and surgical procedures through the development of TEOXANE skincare lines. RHA is formulated with resilient hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, minerals, and Novhyal Biotech-G, a revitalizing ingredient. This global age defense action reduces visible signs of aging and is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.

ZO Medical Products 

The ZO medical products penetrate below your skin’s surface, transforming skin cell functions at the cellular level and correcting the damage within your skin. Administered using a specific sequence of dosage and frequency that’s right for your skin condition, the prescription-based System triggers a therapeutic cascade that makes your skin look and act younger and healthier.

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