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Bariatric Surgery (after massive weight loss)


People who have been obese for much of their lives often perceive bariatric surgery as the doorway to a new life, yet they are frequently unprepared for the next challenge facing them. They may feel exhilarated by the feat of having lost massive amounts of weight, but at the same time their hopes of looking as good as they feel are marred by the vast quantities of hanging skin that remain.

Massive weight loss patients, often having rid themselves of 100 pounds or more, still cant feel comfortable wearing form fitting clothes or a bathing suit. Their ability to exercise may be compromised because of excess skin-loose, sagging tissue cascading over the abdomen, groin, arms, legs, and back-that inhibit physical activity.

A bariatric procedure is sort of like a “miracle”-it dramatically changes a person’s life. Patients who have undergone successful bariatric surgery are happy and grateful, and they feel so much better about themselves both medically a physically. Unfortunately, though, after the weight is lost they are still burdened by tremendous amounts of loose skin. Taking care of that problem is the final step in the transformation of their lives.

Once the transformation with plastic surgery has begun, it often takes a year or more until all areas needing correction can be addressed. Although it is possible to undergo multiple procedures within the same surgical session, your plastic surgeon may recommend that contouring be done in stages rather than all at once. While this approach requires more patience on the patient’s part, I have found this to be the safest and most effective surgical plan.

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