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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Model

Breast reconstruction is performed in conjunction with or following a mastectomy, with the goal of restoring the appearance of breast tissue that has been removed. Several options are available to recreate the appearance of your altered bustline. This will all be discussed during your consultation.

Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction surgery can help restore the comfort and confidence of women who have battled breast cancer.

Skin Expander With Implants

This reconstruction technique is considered the simplest and has the shortest recovery period. A tissue expander is first placed, which creates a breast pocket that is able to hold your implants. Over the next several weeks to months, the expander is slowly filled, stretching out the breast tissue. Once the proper pocket has been created, the expander is replaced with permanent implants.

Latissimus Dorsi Flap

This technique uses your own muscle and skin to create a new breast mound. Incisions are created along the bra line to hide any additional scarring. The donor tissue is taken from the patient’s back, which may result in some weakness. Implants may be placed under the flap if the crafted breast mound doesn’t provide you with the bust size you want.

Tram Flap

The tram flap is the most complex reconstruction technique; the donor tissue is kept and attached to its original blood supply. Abdominal muscle and skin are tunneled up the body to create the breast mound. A synthetic mesh is then placed over the abdominal area to help strengthen the donor area and prevent complications. In most cases, implants are not needed to achieve the desired breast size.

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is the final touch to your procedure and is performed once your breast(s) have healed. Tissue is removed from discreet locations, such as the thigh or behind the ear, and shaped to create the nipple(s). These sources of skin are typically darker than others and provide a more natural-looking nipple contrast. Once healed, the nipple-areola complex may be tattooed to achieve a more realistic look.

Additional Breast Reconstruction Information

  • The outline of implants may be visible as a capsule forms. If this is a concern, you may want to consider tram flap reconstruction.
  • Expanders with implants and the latissimus dorsi flap don’t require blood transfusions.
  • The tram flap does have the added benefit of a tummy tuck, but it can also leave you with some weakness in the abdominal wall.
  • Unfortunately, nipple reconstruction only restores the aesthetic of the nipple, not their sensitivity.

Additional Concerns You May Have

Immediately After

Following breast augmentation surgery, the breasts will be wrapped in bandages and a compression garment to help reduce swelling and to support the breasts as they take on their new shape. Prescribed medication will help alleviate any pain or discomfort.

1 Week After

Most patients can return to work and resume non-strenuous activities.

2 Weeks After

The majority of swelling and bruising will have resolved, and the breasts will begin to resemble their final appearance.

6 Weeks After

All swelling will have resolved, and the breast implants will have settled into their proper location.

patient before and after breast reconstruction surgery

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