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Why Is Exercise Crucial After Liposuction

Posted on: October 12th, 2021

6 Minute Read: 

Exercising equipment, including small weights and yoga mat and blocks.

Long gone are the days of stigma and shame around subjects such as plastic surgery and liposuction. We’ve grown and have come to accept that everyone has the right to treat their own body however they like. As long as you’re healthy, happy, and content, nothing else matters. That being said, there are inevitable repercussions that you need to expect before, during, and post-procedure. Being ready and prepared for everything that you could experience is essential for your overall well-being. One of the most crucial and often neglected parts of getting lipo is realizing why exercise is crucial after liposuction and applying the data you’ve learned to your case.

Rest Is Just as Important as Exercise

First of all, you mustn’t get any wrong ideas. Of course, you should learn why exercise is crucial after a tummy tuck and take the benefits seriously. However, it would be best if you also learned about the importance of rest. During liposuction, your body will go through a stressful and tiring process. Even though you’ll recover and the procedure you’re going through is safe, your body isn’t really aware of this. Like in any other stressful situation, your body will need some time to readjust and get used to this new form. It’s imperative to take the recommended two-week bedrest seriously. 

A girl resting on her bed, lying face-down.

As much as exercise is crucial after liposuction, you should also rest. 

How Soon Will You Be Able to Go to the Gym?

Whether you’ve regularly exercised your whole life or wish to get into a fitness routine to maintain the results of your liposuction, there are specific rules that you need to be wary about. As we’ve previously stated, you’ll be advised (hopefully very strongly) to have a resting period that lasts about two to three weeks. After that, your body will start to heal and recover at a faster pace. We’ve created a sort of timeframe which you can take as advice that you can then modify accordingly. It’s of utmost importance to listen to your body and adjust anything that you find too challenging or even too easy.

Post-lipo schedule

  • Rest
  • As we’ve stated, you should rest for at least two weeks and let your body recover.
  • Light walks
  • Once the two-week time frame has passed, make sure to consider how you’re feeling. If you’re regularly active, you’ll probably recover a bit faster. This is the point where you should start implementing light exercise. Once you start walking and a couple of days have gone by, you’ll realize why exercise is crucial after liposuction. You will notice the difference in how your body feels. The stronger your muscles are, the easier everyday activities will become.
  • Start implementing strength exercises
  • Once four to five weeks have gone by, it’s time to get a bit more serious. Start doing light strength exercises if you feel stronger and more confident in how much your body can handle. Your muscles will need some time to readjust, so go easy on yourself. 
  • As you were
  • Coming up to the seventh and eighth week, you’ll feel much stronger if you’ve followed the time frame we’ve suggested. Typically, this is the time when you should begin to behave as if you’ve never had any surgery. Of course, this is all very dependent on your particular situation, and you should take every bit of advice with a grain of salt.
A girl exercising by doing crunches.

Make sure to listen to your body and do the exercise after liposuction correctly.

The Compression Garment Is Your Best Friend

You’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you’ll feel uncomfortable during the first few weeks. However, there’s a way to make this period a bit easier. Wearing a compression garment will tighten everything up, and you’ll be able to relax a bit more. Simply put, it’s there to offer support to your body and mind. Nevertheless, depending on the type of liposuction you’ve had as well as the time it’ll take you to recover, you should consult with your doctor on how often and how soon you can use this helpful tool.

Best Types of Exercises to Do After Liposuction

  • Walking or hiking
  • Light walks prove to be a lot more beneficial to our bodies than we think. You’ll come to appreciate a good long walk once your strength comes back.
  • Yoga 
  • After a while, you’ll be ready to stretch and bring some muscles into your routine. Yoga is perfect for this. Make sure to choose beginner’s classes at the start.
  • Zumba
  • Once the six weeks have passed, many people tend to shut down and stop exercising or continue to do only very moderate workouts. Especially if you didn’t exercise pre-lipo, this is very understandable. Exercising can be overwhelming and tedious. That’s why Zumba is a perfect choice since you’ll be able to sweat out everything that you want to while still keeping the fun alive.

You Need to Pay Attention to What You Eat as Well

You’ve learned why exercise is crucial after liposuction. However, you should also consider the importance of your post-op diet. Aside from talking to your doctor about it, it would be best to do some research before your procedure. Try to keep your diet as light as possible. However, it should also be nutritious and healing. Lean meats, lots of veggies, beans, and nuts are your best friends. Try to avoid any food that’ll prevent you from letting go of the water and swelling, especially salt and other ingredients rich in sodium.

 A plate of veggies and healthy food.

Make sure to eat balanced and nutritious meals after liposuction.

Hire a Professional

If you feel overwhelmed and cannot get yourself to exercise after lipo, that’s normal. Hiring a professional trainer is a great way to overcome this fear. Pros at Dubai Personal Trainers say that professional fitness trainers are great at recognizing your limits and listening to what you have to say before they develop an appropriate routine. 

Don’t Overdo It

If you start exercising too soon, your body will rebel. It’s only natural. If you’re an overachiever and tend to bite off more than you can chew, make sure to take a step back and realign. Some signs you’ve exercised too much are feeling burnout, tired, weak, overwhelmed, and emotional.

Maintenance Is Key

The question of why exercise is crucial after liposuction has been answered. However, what about what comes after that? Once everything settles down, you need to be persistent and continue working out. The best way to achieve this is to come up with a routine that’s sustainable to you. Additionally, beating yourself up about falling into past habits won’t do anybody any good. Be kind and forgiving to yourself.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are curious about how liposuction can help you, reach out to Dr. Wald today.

Which US States Are the Most Interested in Plastic Surgery?

Posted on: September 27th, 2021

6 Minute Read: 

Plastic surgeons performing surgery.

Plastic surgery is defined as a kind of surgery used to change a person’s appearance. We are all familiar with it since it has been very popular in the last decade. Almost all countries of the world have plastic surgeons and places where this kind of surgery can be performed, but we would be lying if we said that the USA doesn’t take the lead. So, today, we will mention which US states are the most interested in plastic surgery. 

According to the ASPS (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), the number of plastic surgeries has increased by nearly 200 percent during the last two years. The procedures range from liposuction and rhinoplasty to breast augmentation and blepharoplasty.

Moreover, nowadays, women are not the only ones trying this out – men too are equally interested. Because of that fact, it is predicted that the number of plastic surgeries will increase by 400 percent in the next couple of years. Well, of course, we have a chance to improve our looks, so why wouldn’t we take it? Most people throughout the USA who share that opinion do take that opportunity! 

States That Are the Most Interested in Liposuction 

Liposuction is one of the most common surgical procedures among Americans. As the name suggests, liposuction is a suction technique used for removing fat from the body. Sometimes, plastic surgeons remove the fat from the entire body, and sometimes they focus on a specific area (arms, thighs, neck, abdomen, etc.). Of course, this all depends on the individual’s wishes. It is also worth mentioning that liposuction is used for removing the fat and contouring the body — after the pregnancy, for example. Because of that, liposuction also goes by the names of body contouring and lipoplasty. 

So, what are the US states that are most interested in this procedure? Let us list them in order: 

  • Florida 
  • Georgia 
  • New York 
  • Nevada
  • Texas 

It is easy to figure out why Florida is in the first place – it is a state where bikinis are a state of mind. However, you will soon see that Florida is the state whose citizens are most interested in all kinds of plastic surgeries – invasive and non-invasive ones. Floridians just love being perfect. 

An overweight woman.

Liposuction is usually recommended to people with a lot of excess body fat.

States That Are the Most Interested in Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasty is another prevalent plastic surgery among Americans. It is a surgery where the shape of the nose is altered. Sometimes the entire look of the nose is changed, and sometimes only a part of it. The reasons for doing this kind of surgery are not only aesthetic – rhinoplasty is performed on patients who also have trouble breathing normally. In some states, insurance covers this procedure. And, believe it or not, because of that fact, many Americans are not only reading plastic surgeons reviews but the USA Moving Reviews, too. They wish to take advantage of such opportunities and make the state that will help them have a nose they have always wanted in their new home. 

So, let us mention some of the states that are most interested in rhinoplasty when it comes to both aesthetics and breathing problems: 

  • New York 
  • California 
  • New Jersey 
  • Florida
  • Kansas 

New York significantly takes the lead when it comes to rhinoplasty. In the last year, there were around 220,000 rhinoplasties all over the USA, but half of them happened in New York. This means two things — New York has great plastic surgeons, and New Yorkers love their symmetrical faces. 

States That Are the Most Interested in Abdominoplasty

Another very ‘loved’ procedure by a lot of Americans is the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Unlike the previous two surgeries that are pretty invasive, abdominoplasty is not. Quite the contrary, this plastic surgery is no surgery at all – it is a simple procedure for removing the upper layers of fat and the skin from the abdomen and tightening the muscles on the abdominal wall. 

Let us continue to show which states are most interested in this kind of procedure: 

  • Florida 
  • Mississippi 
  • Louisiana
  • Texas 
  • Georgia

Abdominoplasty should not be confused with liposuction. Liposuction removes the fat, and abdominoplasty tightens the skin and the muscles (usually after pregnancy). And, most importantly – just because this surgery is not invasive, it should not be used as an alternative to weight loss! Persons who decide to do tummy-tuck must be in good health! 

States That Are the Most Interested in Blepharoplasty 

Blepharoplasty also goes by the name eyelid surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery used to fix ‘droopy’ eyelids. People who undergo this kind of cosmetic surgery are usually 50+, those who have sagging and excess skin around the eyes, or even those who have strangely positioned muscles that are popping out around the eyes. 

Without further ado, here are the states that are the most interested in blepharoplasty: 

  • Hawaii 
  • Florida 
  • California 
  • Kansas 
  • Nevada 

It is also worth mentioning that blepharoplasty is used by people who want to improve their looks and by people whose sagging skin around the eyes is affecting their vision. Moreover, this kind of surgery is very delicate, so it is not uncommon for people to go from one coast to another to find a trusted surgeon. Some people even consider a short relocation across the country because the recovery period can be long-lasting too! 

A smiling woman holding flowers with skin cream under her eyes.

Blepharoplasty is becoming more and more popular in all US states.

States That Are the Most Interested in Breast Augmentation 

Last but certainly not least, plastic surgery that most Americans are interested in is breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty. As you probably know, this is a surgery for increasing breast size. It involves putting breast implants (of various shapes and sizes) under the breast tissue. 

So, let us finally mention some of the states that are the most interested in this surgery: 

  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Kansas 
  • Arizona
  • Florida 

Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of breast procedures besides the ones used for increasing the size of the breasts. For instance, there is also a breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, etc. Although most breast augmentations are performed on women who want to improve their looks, some are done on women who want to rebuild their breasts after an illness. 

Now you know which US states are the most interested in plastic surgery. It is probably an indication that these states have some outstanding surgeons. So, if you consider having something done, do some research. Perhaps visiting one of these states would be your best bet. 

Great Websites to Research Your Upcoming Procedure

Posted on: September 3rd, 2021

5 Minute Read: 

A person typing on their laptop researching their upcoming procedure.


Plastic surgery has become a mainstream path that more and more people seem to take. Although there’s still quite a bit of stigma around the subject, getting different procedures for all the right reasons can be highly beneficial. Nevertheless, as with anything else in life, some things could go awry if you don’t take the necessary precautions to ensure success. One of the most critical steps when it comes to plastic surgery is having sufficient information from reliable sources. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of websites to research your upcoming procedure to help you get all the data that you need.

Consult Robert Wald, MD

Of course, our very own website can’t go unnoticed, for a good reason. By going through, you can find information on various topics concerning your upcoming procedure and everything else you may want to research before the big day arrives. Dr. Robert Wald is a well-known board-certified plastic surgeon in Orange County. He relies on his surgical talent, sufficient experience, and cutting-edge technology to provide his patients with natural beauty and aesthetic harmony. You can even schedule a consultation through the website if you haven’t found the precise information you were looking for.  

A girl talking on the phone

Contacting Dr. Robert Wald is a great way to start your research on the upcoming procedure.


Luckily for anyone who’s ever thought about getting a tummy tuck, there are great websites you can use to research your upcoming procedure. Medscape has many clinical articles that talk about cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and reconstructive surgery. What’s great about is that, while other sites of this caliber demand payment, Medscape is entirely free. Although they use terminology that sometimes seems complicated, you’ll get very detailed and thorough information.


By checking the content on, you’ll get unique pieces of information. They are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, cosmetic surgery forums. There, you can research the upcoming procedure that awaits you by browsing through a vast number of answers to various questions. There are also reviews and photos you can take a look at. Something that sets them apart is their doctor’s transparency. They advise people without hidden motives or anything of the sort.

New You Magazine

Until this point, we’ve mentioned some established and iconic websites that have been around for quite a while. However, is more of a newcomer of the bunch. Although this can sound a bit unreliable at first glance, that isn’t the case with them. The fact that they’re new separates them from the rest but in a positive manner. They post much more content in an effort to prove themselves while maintaining a consistent level of quality. Aside from researching your upcoming procedure, they also offer great patient stories from which you can gain experience.

Make Me Heal

What makes stand out from the rest is its format. It contains very informative active forums where their patients have a chance to dive into discussions. This way, you won’t only get the opinion of one person or establishment, but you’ll gain knowledge from various sources.

Patients use the forums to state all the pros and cons of their experience in the world of plastic surgery. There’s no better way to research your upcoming procedure than to look at many different experiences. You’ll gather intel on what to expect when it comes to the preparation process, healing, as well as the all-important financial aspect. What’s more, you’ll also get a chance to help others once you go through the procedure. Of course, something that you must be cautious about is that anyone can access forums. Some people don’t share authentic stories, which means that you should always double-check. The truth lies in the numbers. 

Several people gathered around a laptop.

Visit different forums where you can go into in-depth discussions about your upcoming procedure. It is a great way to do some research.

Just Breast Implants Forum

If you’re looking to get breast implants, there’s quite a bit of data you should be aware of. Getting ready for this type of plastic surgery can be a bit more challenging than simply going to a dermatology surgeon for a quick lift. You can find great personal stories on that’ll do a great job of preparing you for what’s to come. Women from all backgrounds share some finer details about their experiences with breast augmentation. They do so to help guide those about to go through the same thing.

Medline Plus is a very established website that offers advice from reliable and trustworthy experts. Their main subjects address cosmetic plastic surgery. Seeing how it’s one of the more mellow fields in this universe, people tend not to talk about it enough. Nevertheless, many mishaps could happen if you chose the wrong person for the job. Its layout may not be fancy or flashy, but that’s because they offer well-curated and education-focused information that only comes from the most reliable sources.

Final words

Something that you mustn’t fail to remember is that the internet is an ever-changing place. Although you can use these websites to research your upcoming procedure, you should never rely on one source solely. As previously stated, always double-check. Also, doing your own research is a great way to get information. However, internet scrolling can never be a substitute for a surgeon’s opinion. 

Best Exercises After Breast Augmentation

Posted on: August 3rd, 2021

7 Minute Read: 

BEST EXERCISES AFTER BREAST AUGMENTATIONUndergoing surgical body modification like breast augmentation is a significant step in improving your looks and building up body confidence. Still, no matter how ready you think you are for the procedure, embracing the changes might take a while. Even though we are talking about positive body upgrades, our minds and bodies need rest and time to recover before going back to their full potential. Luckily, the recovery period after this procedure is relatively short, but during the first couple of weeks, resting as much as you can is crucial. To help you get back to your old but improved self, we made a workout list of the best exercises after breast augmentation.

The First Week

Any surgical intervention requires 24h – 48h of rest after the procedure. Breast augmentation is no different. Your body is adjusting to changes, and this initial rest does the most of the job. Most likely, you will feel exhausted, but that is normal. For the first few days, try avoiding any upper body part activity. Focus only on non-demanding exercises, like taking slow walks. Under no circumstances should you run, jog or do intensive workouts. This also refers to heavy lifting and arm stretching.

For those who got used to being physically active every day, this might be quite the challenge. But it’s crucial not to overdo your chest muscles that are already under tension. After the first three days, you can slowly increase the level of the activities. When doing so, listen to your body. You might be more tired than usual, so take it slow. Still, if you feel any unusual discomfort, make sure to call your doctor.

A woman holding a photo after breast augmentation

Adapting to your “new” body might take some time

The Second Week

The feeling of tiredness in your muscles should be gone a week after the breast augmentation procedure. That means it’s time to work on your posture and learn how to handle your newly-improved body! Working on your posture is essential since it helps to strengthen the muscles and prevents becoming round-shouldered. You need to keep your posture straight, with shoulders going slightly back. Raise your chin, lift your chests and hold in that position for a couple of minutes. It might cause mild discomfort in your back, but that is perfectly normal. Think of it not as an exercise but as the best way to present your body. Do it as much as you can until it becomes your natural posture.

Working on the posture will help your body adjust to its new addition. However, adding some arms and shoulders exercise will prevent stiffness and increase muscle mobility. Many decide to have professional guidelines during this period. So, to find a personal trainer who will suit you best, you can browse the database or a similar portal. But even with expert assistance, most of the job is up to you. You should perform all of the following exercise examples every 1 – 3 hours during the first three weeks of recovery. Start with a set of 5 series, gradually increasing to 10 after a couple of days:

  • Arm swings – Put your arms next to your body slightly in front of you. Start with circling motions that will activate the muscles in the armpit area. The circle radius will depend on your current possibilities.
  • Shoulder rolls – Relax your shoulders. Then slowly roll them forward and backward as much as you can while taking deep breaths.
  • Shoulder shrugs – Lift the shoulders gently. Keep them frozen in that position for a couple of seconds while taking a deep breath, then slowly get them back, exhaling.
  • Shoulder raise – Put your hands on your shoulders and raise your elbows on the same level. Start circling the arms first on one side, then another. This position might be unpleasant initially, and most likely, you won’t be able to raise your elbow that high. Still, be patient and persistent and work on your mobility. You will get there in no time.
  • Body rotations – Sit on a chair and lightly cross your hands on your shoulders. Slowly turn your head and entire upper body to the left and the right. Repeat the motion.
 Woman doing yoga

Going back to your demanding workout routines in the first weeks of recovery would be a disaster

The Third and Forth Week

Even the best exercises after breast augmentation won’t have any effect if there is no continuity. The third and fourth weeks bring you slightly more demanding activities, adding to the routines you’ve been executing in the first two weeks.

  • Chest stretch – Stand up with your arms beside you. Then pull your arms and shoulders behind you slowly as far as possible before relaxing and going back to the beginning position.
  • The wall exercise – To perform this activity, stand straight facing a wall with your palms touching the surface. Gently walk them up the wall until you feel the tension is rising. This might be challenging in the beginning, but soon you’ll stretch and strengthen the necessary muscles. The same routine of walking the fingers up the walls, only facing the wall sideways, is the next on the workout list.
  • Resting pose – Lay on your back. Put the palms behind the neck, and move the elbows inward and outward.
  • Arms above the head – While in laying position, lift your hands above the head as far as you can. If this motion doesn’t cause you discomfort, you can probably do it from a sitting position as well.

The Fifth and Sixth Week

By this stage, your body should have recovered a great deal. Thus, resuming the physical activities before the surgery can start. However, you have to realize that your body is not at its full capacity, so increase the activities slowly and gradually. It’s essential to point out that you still need to avoid any heavy lifting and hard labor.

Two women holding each other

Best exercises after breast augmentation should be combined with proper chest support

When Is It Safe to Resume Your Physical Activities and Routines?

Even though every surgery will dictate its own pace when it comes to recovery, the breast augmentation procedure usually takes at least two months. Only after that can you have a more demanding workout. Overworking the chest muscles right after the surgery can have serious consequences. Therefore, it’s crucial to start with gentle exercise and body stretches and build up the movements in the upcoming months. Needless to say, resting after the procedure is necessary, but so is resuming your everyday activities in the mildest form. Your body needs to get used to “extra weight“, so starting with tender movements the day after the surgery will prevent your scar from getting too tight.

Sometimes it can be hard to follow even the best exercises after breast augmentation on your own. Therefore, staying motivated and persistent is vital, but so is knowing that you’re doing the routine the right way. With such simple workouts, you don’t need to attend special exercise classes. Virtual personal trainers have become very popular nowadays, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And since great trainers are now available online as well, you can exercise correctly from the commodity of your own home.


Every body reacts differently to changes. Therefore, even when doing the best exercises after breast augmentation, you have to be patient. Follow your own pace and listen to your body’s reactions before increasing any activity. You must contact your surgeon in cases of any pain, swelling, redness, or any severe discomfort.

Is Medical Tourism Worth It?

Posted on: July 15th, 2021

5 Minute Read: 

Two doctors in surgery


Medical tourism, also known as health tourism, is becoming more and more common. Many people decide to travel and have medical treatments done in other countries, from a tummy tuck to organ transplants. They are seeking surgery at lower costs or a specific procedure they are unable to have in their home country. Even though this whole process might be appealing for various reasons, it has many potential risks, and some are very serious. Therefore, you may wonder – Is medical tourism worth it? Read this article to find out.

What Drives People to Have Surgery Abroad?

  • Lower costs – Medical and surgical care overseas is often cheaper than in the USA. That’s mainly because the cost of labor is (sometimes drastically) lower in foreign countries. If someone needs a procedure that is not covered by insurance, such as plastic surgery, or if someone doesn’t have insurance at all, the savings can be significant.
  • Insurance incentives and discounts – Some insurance companies promote medical tourism. It’s also because of savings – both for the insurer and for the insured.
  • Exotic vacations – Health tourism often implies exotic vacation overseas – before or after surgery. This became an inexpensive way to travel, especially if the insurance company is paying for the flight and the cost of staying is low. Recovering on a beach or at a beautiful location may sound like a wonderful idea. But in reality, swimming and relaxing in the sun is hardly possible after most procedures.
  • Bypassing rules and regulations – The USA has many healthcare regulations that protect patients from harm. However, some people will do anything to avoid regulations set by their government, insurance company, or hospital.
  • Talented surgeons – Surgeons in certain countries are known for their talent in specific areas. For example, Brazilian surgeons are famous for their plastic surgery skills, while Thailand is often associated with people seeking gender reassignment.
Surgeons performing surgery

Sometimes, it’s easier to qualify for a certain procedure abroad, but there are many safety risks involved.

What’s the Catch?

The majority of people traveling overseas for plastic surgery are females, but men are also willing to go under the knife to achieve their dream look. Even though medical tourism may sound fantastic, there are many potential risks to consider.

Quality of Surgery

Medical care in a foreign country means different devices, injectables, and techniques than those in the USA. As teams from Sky Moving can confirm, the US is one of the countries where people are most eager to move to. Its prosperity and high-quality health care are the main reasons for it.

It is hard to obtain information about foreign physicians and the quality of their work from afar. A foreign physician should be trained and board-certified in the specific area of medicine appropriate for a particular procedure.

An operating room with medical staff

The USA has one of the best health care systems in the world.

Quality of Staff and Facility

The well-trained nursing staff is an integral part of healthcare. They often identify a potential problem and fix it before it becomes a real issue. On the other hand, poorly trained nursing staff may not recognize a problem until it is too late.

The facility where the surgery will be performed is another essential factor to consider. Foreign facilities may be dirty, with old equipment, outdated technology, and minimal resources. Furthermore, surgeries in foreign countries are sometimes performed in an isolated facility far away from a major hospital, without access to a higher level of medical care.

Flying Home Right After Surgery Is Risky

Every patient should know that after every major surgery, there’s a risk of blood clots. Long-haul flights can increase that risk, and clots can lead to death or stroke. So, flying home immediately after surgery is very risky. Patients should wait at least one week to decrease the chances of developing any serious complications during the flight.

Food in Foreign Hospitals Is Different

A patient with a sensitive stomach should always think twice about having surgery abroad. The food in foreign hospitals may be very different from food at home. Water in some areas is also totally different, and it can upset the stomach easily. If the food and water cause diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, your postoperative period can become very hard.

Difficulties With Follow-Up Care

Keep in mind that many physicians and surgeons are hesitant to take care of a patient who received medical care outside the country. They may have concerns about the quality of procedures and care provided overseas. So, finding a doctor that’s willing to treat you may become an issue.

Many American plastic surgeons spend countless hours repairing the scars and disfiguring damage done by a poorly trained foreign surgeon. Unfortunately, many individuals suffer serious infections or permanent harm.

A worried man sitting on a couch

Arranging for follow-up care after a surgery done in a foreign country may be difficult.

Moving to a Smaller Home as a Way to Save Money for Quality Medical Care

Many people would rather have a medical procedure in their home country and avoid all the risks that come with overseas surgery. But, they struggle with finances. One way to improve your finances is finding a smaller space to move to and live a much simpler life while cutting your costs dramatically. Moving into a smaller home means you’ll spend less time on regular home maintenance, and you’ll pay less for utilities each month. Cutting your costs will help you save for a medical procedure or anything else you wish or need.

The Bottom Line

In the USA, each board-certified surgeon needs to follow the highest clinical standards, with many pharmaceutical and medical laws in place. Even though these standards increase the costs of health care, they also improve safety. So, is medical tourism worth it? We hope you agree that your body and life are much more important than financial savings or exotic vacations overseas.

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