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Things You Should Never Lie to Your Plastic Surgeon About

Posted on: September 7th, 2022

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Photo of a person during a doctor's consult as a featured image for a post about things you should never lie to your plastic surgeon about

There is no winning situation in lying to your doctor. After all, how do you expect them to provide you with the finest care if they don’t have all the information? Moreover, there’s really no reason to keep anything. You can fully trust your doctor to keep your secrets thanks to a legal precedent known as doctor-patient confidentiality. Even though a lot of people feel that the same doesn’t apply when it comes to cosmetic procedures, the reality is different. The list of things you should never lie to your plastic surgeon about is pretty much the same as it is for any other doctor. So whether you’re getting ready for a tummy tuck or you’re considering getting a facelift, here’s what you should never keep from your plastic surgeon.

Four things you must never lie to your plastic surgeon about

When you schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon, you must be completely honest about your medical history. The reason for this is that dishonesty can lead to severe consequences. For your cosmetic surgeon to do their best job and give you features you’ve always wanted, they must be aware of your body’s limitations.

Woman sitting on a couch in a hospital waiting room and talking to a surgeon in scrubs

Even though your plastic surgeon might ask some uncomfortable questions, it’s important you give honest answers.

Even though most of these things are common knowledge, many people still keep certain things from their doctors. So before you go to your scheduled consult, here are things you absolutely have to reveal in order to ensure your doctor can do what they do the best.

#1 Your medical history

The finest advice the surgeon can provide you in the lead-up to the big day will come from a comprehensive evaluation of your entire medical history. That’s why your plastic surgeon must know about all you’ve gone through, including operations you’ve had.

Your plastic surgeon wants to know if you’ve ever been hospitalized for infections, diabetes, depression, asthma, cancer, or other illnesses. They will also check your family history for risk factors for various health conditions, notably those that affect how well your blood clots.

Allergies and usage of any prescription drugs are other information that should be shared. This is especially important if you have had issues with prescription medication abuse and have previously gone through prescription drug rehab. If that’s the case, make sure to first reach out to experts or talk to your sponsor to make sure you’re feeling ready for cosmetic surgery.

#2 Your drinking and smoking habits

While the occasional glass of wine with dinner is not a cause for alarm, consuming an entire bottle of wine nightly is cause for concern. You should be honest about your alcohol consumption with your plastic surgeon.

Woman sipping red wine from a big glass

Your drinking habits are another thing you should never lie to your plastic surgeon about.

On the other hand, you might be the person that tells people you just smoke occasionally, but in reality, you’re going through a pack every day. However, during your breast lift consult, make sure you’re honest about your smoking habits. Your cosmetic surgeon should be aware of your smoking status, even if you really just smoke on occasion. It’s crucial you abstain from nicotine for at least two weeks before surgery and during the healing process. You don’t want to slow down the scarring and healing process by smoking. 

#3 Your age

our age is another thing you should never lie to your plastic surgeon about. If someone were to inquire about your age and you wanted to impress them, it would be one thing, but your cosmetic surgeon must know the truth. Besides, you will need to provide them with a copy of your government-issued health card, which should clearly show your age.

They need to know your exact age for two reasons: first, to determine what your body can safely manage, and second, to give you the best care possible. The recovery period for a breast reduction would be shorter for a woman of 25 than for a woman of 60. It is not unheard of for people in their sixties to opt for cosmetic surgery. Still, your doctor will need to know your exact date of birth to make appropriate preparations and ensure a speedy recovery.

#4 Substance use

The US is facing a massive increase in drug use, and, unfortunately, patients are still keeping their doctors in the dark. Most people are hesitant to discuss their drug use because they’re worried it would damage their ability to get insurance or keep their jobs. However, this can’t be further from the truth because this information won’t stay in your medical record after your plastic surgery.

Hiding information like this from your plastic surgeon can do more damage than good. Even if you are a recreational user, don’t hesitate to tell your surgeon. This is even more important if you have previously had substance abuse issues. The experts from, who helped hundreds of people battle substance addiction, emphasize the importance of disclosing this information to your physician, regardless of your type of intervention. You never know if that piece of information will become helpful.

#5 Supplements you use

Keeping you healthy and content is a top priority for your doctor. Some patients are reluctant to discuss their usage of natural medicines with their physicians, mostly out of fear of being ridiculed for their faith in vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. In any case, your plastic surgeon will need to know what medications you’re taking to rule out any potentially dangerous combinations.

Close-up photo of a person holding yellow pills

Because different substances can interact with anesthesia, it’s essential you inform your plastic surgeon about any supplements or medications you take.

Many medical professionals think vitamins are helpful for their patients who are deficient in specific nutrients. However, there can be interactions between specific vitamins or herbs and anesthesia or prescription drugs. We can’t stress enough how important it is not to keep this from your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that being honest about your past will help alleviate complications in your future. This is especially true regarding your health, so make sure never to lie to your plastic surgeon. That’s the only way to come out of their office healthy and happy with the result. 


How to Know if Rhinoplasty Is Right for You

Posted on: August 1st, 2022

5 Minute Read: 

A consultation with a doctor is the best way to know if rhinoplasty is right for you.

Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face. Depending on its shape, it can highlight your facial features in different ways. That’s why it’s important for you to be content with it. However, that’s not always the case. In those situations, the hands of an experienced surgeon can do a little adjusting.  But, before deciding to go under a knife, you need to be one hundred percent sure that’s the path you want to take. Stay tuned if you want to know if rhinoplasty is right for you.

What Exactly Is Rhinoplasty?

Most people hear about the infamous “nose job” before they even hear about plastic surgery. A lot of young and underage women undergo this procedure. But, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it actually is. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that serves as a way to reshape your nose. During the procedure, the cartilage and/or nose bones are reshaped to create the desired new form and size. Those with a functional nasal condition, such as a deviated septum, who have breathing problems may also have their troubles resolved by this treatment.

It’s a serious procedure

Plastic surgeons that specialize in the face are the ones who have the greatest expertise doing rhinoplasty. No two people have identical noses, so no two rhinoplasty procedures are identical. If a surgeon ever tells you that rhinoplasty is simple, take that as a warning sign. It’s important to take some time and choose the right and qualified professional. Even those with the greatest expertise recognize that the operation is quite difficult and requires a lot of attention to detail.

A surgical procedure.

Don’t forget that you are going for a surgical procedure. Don’t take it lightly, and ensure rhinoplasty is right for you

What Can Be Fixed?

When determining whether or not nose reshaping is the best option for you, the first step is to pinpoint the aspects of your nose that bother you or that you believe draw attention away from your other features. The following are some examples of things that you can improve with the help of rhinoplasty:

  • Crooked bridge of the nose or crooked nostrils
  • Nose that is either too prominent or too tiny
  • Deep radix that creates the impression of a big hump on the surface
  • Significant rise in the middle of the bridge
  • Point that is large or bulbous, especially one at an acute angle
  • Fold towards the very tip

In addition, if you have difficulty breathing through your nose or if your glasses never seem to sit correctly on your face, rhinoplasty may help solve both of these difficulties.

Boosting Your Confidence

If your nose significantly downgrades your confidence, you might be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. The pursuit of a more balanced appearance throughout the face is the primary impetus for the overwhelming majority of cosmetic rhinoplasties performed today. The concept is that all of your characteristics, in relation to one another, can be well-balanced and well-proportioned.

Most people who seek a rhinoplasty do so because they believe their nostrils detract from the appearance of their other facial features or throw off the equilibrium of their face. According to the experts at, many people choose rhinoplasty right before they move. Many of them deem that altering the look of their face, especially the nose, might give them a boost in self-esteem and confidence, as a good fresh start.

But – don’t do it under pressure

Even though this procedure can do wonders for your self-esteem, it can do quite the opposite if it’s not fully your decision. Many people with insecurities about their noses, especially teenagers, can be bullied into doing this procedure. The pressure of the media and surroundings can sometimes be too much to bear. If you feel like you’re doing this because of that pressure, it might be best to consult some other medical professional that can help you regain your mental health. That way, you will learn how your inner self feels about your outside, and you’ll be able to objectively tell whether the rhinoplasty would improve that.

A girl using a laptop.

The Internet and social media can put a lot of pressure on your insecurities.

Get a Better Handle on Your Breathing

You can have difficulty breathing due to injuries, genetic abnormalities, or growths within the nose. All of this may obstruct the passage of air into the nose. In these circumstances, rhinoplasty may include working on the channels through which air travels, and any modifications to the form or structure of the nose will ensure that air can continue to pass through properly.

Changes in the Septum

Changing the septum is a probable course of action for this kind of operation. The septum is a long and substantial stretch of cartilage tissue running down the middle of the nose. Changing the location or size is often a medically required surgery. It can involve a significant increase in function. If this is the case, health insurance may pay for the procedure. Work done on the soft tissue within the nostril may sometimes increase airflow while achieving a natural look of your nose. When the gap between the septum and the sidewalls and soft tissue of the nose (so-called nasal valve) increases, breathing improves significantly. 

A person breathing fresh air.

Although it’s famous for its cosmetic purposes, rhinoplasty is a great way to solve significant breathing problems.

Consult a Surgeon to Know if Rhinoplasty Is Right for You

Let’s go back to the subject that started this whole conversation—how to know if rhinoplasty is right for you. It is a really good question, but the only one who can answer it for you is you. If you’ve been asking that question for some time, it may be time to look into the idea in more detail. Your next step needs to be a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon who is both board-certified and highly skilled. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you eventually decide whether you should have a nose job. It can also tell you what type of results you can expect from the procedure.

Can I Get Nipple Or Areola Reduction Along With My Breast Surgery?

Posted on: July 8th, 2022

3 Minute Read: 

Oversized or large nipples are due to a rare condition that can lead to significant distress and confidence issues for both women and men. 

Large areolas — on the other hand — are more common, and while some women are unconcerned or even happy with them, other women prefer a smaller, more proportionate nipple-areola complex (NAC). 

When Should I Consider Surgical Treatment for Large Nipples or Areolas?

If your prominent nipples or areolas don’t cause you any problems, there’s no reason to undergo the procedure. However, if you are planning to have another breast enhancement surgery and have been thinking about addressing this issue, there couldn’t be a better time. 

Conversely, if you have serious concerns about your large areolas or nipples and are considering surgery to reduce them, you should also think about your ideal breast size, shape, and position before scheduling your consultation. 

Be sure to schedule your consultation with a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr Wald and ask about all your options.

Breast Surgeries You Can Combine With Nipple or Areola Reduction

The two conditions can occur together or independently of each other, and correction involves one or two simple techniques that can easily be combined with the following:

You can also add tummy tuck surgery or a liposuction procedure for a complete Mommy Makeover!

What Is Involved in Surgery to Reduce the Size of Large Areolas and Nipples?

Areola reduction is usually performed under local anesthesia, but when combined with another breast surgery, chances are you will require general anesthesia. 

The doctor will make the incision around the areola and remove any excess tissue contributing to its large size or puffiness. The incision is then closed with permanent sutures with a scar minimizing technique, and gauze dressings are applied.

Nipple reduction involves excising a circular band of tissue at the base of the nipple, then suturing the remaining nipple to its new, shorter base.

What to Expect From Nipple or Areola Reduction Recovery?

Immediately after areola or nipple reduction surgery, you should expect some swelling, bruising, numbness, and tingling; however, this should subside significantly after the first week and entirely soon after. 

You will be instructed to wear a surgical or compression bra after your procedure to maintain your nipple’s new position for better results. 

While you may be able to resume your regular routine in about one week, patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity or exercise for at least three weeks following surgery.

Why Should I Combine Nipple or Areola Reduction With Breast Surgery?

If the oversized appearance is the only thing that displeases you about the look of your breasts, then there is no reason to combine or undergo another breast surgery. However, that is not the case for many women. 

Most women have something that they don’t like about their breasts. Maybe they are too small. Alternatively, they are too large and cumbersome. Maybe pregnancy and breastfeeding has left them hanging a bit south. Or, maybe they are asymmetrical. There is no shortage of reasons why women can become displeased with their breast appearance. 

If this is the case for you, why not take this opportunity to adjust the shape, size, or position of your breasts. 

Combining your breast procedures saves money and time while experiencing only one recovery period rather than two. 

Orange County’s Cosmetic Breast Surgeon

Dr. Robert Wald is a well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon with the skill and experience you can rely on for the best possible results. He offers breast enhancement surgery, including nipple and areola reduction, in Fullerton and serves all of Orange County.

If you are ready for cosmetic breast surgery, call our Fullerton, California, office at (714) 312-3549 today or scroll down to schedule a consultation online.

How to Prepare for Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Posted on: July 1st, 2022

5 Minute Read: 

A woman holding a child.

Becoming a mom is a beautiful experience. However, during those nine months of pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. And while you can get back into shape through diet and exercise, this might not be enough. Some parts of your body might never look the same after giving birth.

And here comes Mommy Makeover surgery to the rescue. This combination of procedures can help any woman regain her pre-pregnancy body or improve her post-pregnancy body.

Nevertheless, all surgeries require some preparation. And being prepared will also help calm your anxiety before surgery. So, here’s how to prepare for Mommy Makeover surgery.

How to Prepare for Mommy Makeover Surgery? Get Well-informed

Before deciding to undergo a Mommy Makeover surgery, you have to do your research. And don’t rely solely on the internet. Talk to a plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure and whether you’re a good candidate. It’s also important to ask about potential risks, complications, and recovery time. All of this will help you make a well-informed decision.

A faceless doctor holding a stethoscope in his hand.

One of the best ideas on how to prepare for Mommy Makeover surgery is to talk to a plastic surgeon.

Furthermore, you should know that Mommy Makeover surgery is a combination of procedures. And depending on your post-surgical goals and your doctor’s recommendations, you can customize it. This means that you can choose from several procedures, the ones that best suit your needs. Here are some of these procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation

Make Healthy Decisions

When you ask a plastic surgeon how to prepare for Mommy Makeover surgery, they will first inquire about your health. Since this is not a minor procedure, you must ensure you’re in good health. Any underlying illnesses can cause complications during or after surgery. Therefore, you should first treat any such medical issues. 

You should also diet and exercise until you reach your ideal weight. While Mommy Makeover surgery will help reshape your body, it can’t remove all excess weight and fat. Therefore, to get the best results, losing a bit of weight beforehand is recommended.

A pink weighing scale and a measuring tape.

To prepare for Mommy Makeover surgery, you should get as close as possible to your ideal weight.

Finally, it would be best if you stopped smoking. Since smoking affects blood flow, it can cause heart and lung complications during the procedure. Moreover, in some instances, it can also prevent proper healing of the wounds. So, you should take this very seriously.

Plan Your Time Off

You need to be aware that recovery time varies from one person to another. And, of course, it also depends on the extent of the procedures included in your mommy makeover surgery. But in any case, you won’t be able to resume your daily routine immediately after. To speed up recovery, you must take it easy and get plenty of sleep.

So, ensure you can take enough time off from work and let your employer know about it in advance.

Prepare Your Home for Recovery

Since you must avoid strenuous activities right after surgery, you must prepare your home in advance. This will help you have a stress-free recovery. So here are some ideas on how to prepare your home for post-surgical recovery.

Make Your Home Spotless

Before undergoing your Mommy Makeover surgery, you must thoroughly clean. On the one hand, this helps prevent post-surgical infections. On the other hand, you won’t be able to do it during your recovery. So, make sure your home is spotless.

Create a Rest Area

Since you will need plenty of rest during your recovery, you should create a cozy rest area. Of course, you can use your bedroom for that, but this might not be so practical. After surgery, you’ll need a bit of time to recover your mobility, so it’s good to have easy access to everything you need

For example, you should make sure that you have a clear path to the bathroom. This means removing any obstacles, such as small pieces of furniture and rugs that you can trip over. And if you have no idea where to place these items, you can use storage to declutter your home. Since renting a unit is a good idea, you should not worry about the money you will spend on the monthly rental – it will be well-spent.

It would be best if you also thought practically in terms of location. For example, if your bedroom is upstairs, you might want to create a rest area downstairs. This way, you can be close to the bathroom and kitchen. Plus, you’ll avoid the effort of constantly climbing up the stairs.

Now, if you create a rest area in another part of your home other than your bedroom, you’ll have to rearrange some of the furniture.

If this is the case, the specialists at recommend hiring labor-only services to take care of that because you wouldn’t want to hurt your back right before surgery.

Do Some Shopping

Firstly, ask your doctor what medical supplies and medication you’ll need after surgery. For example, you might require certain items for wound dressing. And it’s essential to go and buy everything beforehand because you won’t be able to afterward.

Moreover, since you won’t be able to go shopping for a while, you should also stock up on food. Think about some meals that are easy to make and write down the ingredients on your shopping list. And if you won’t feel like cooking, ask a friend or family member for help.

Seek Some Help

Since you’re a mom now, you also have a child to think of. However, during your recovery, you should avoid things like carrying or lifting your child. Not to mention the fact that you need to rest, and an active child will make that impossible.

So, ask a friend or a family member to move in with you temporarily to help with childcare. This way, you can have a smooth recovery and know that your child is in good hands.

A mom resting in bed while her daughter is dancing on it.

Make sure you find someone to help you with childcare during your post-surgical recovery.

Final Thoughts

Being pregnant and giving birth is an excellent and unique experience. However, with your body going through so many changes, it might never look the same as before. Certainly, dieting and exercising are highly recommended. But this might not solve all the problems. So, you might want to opt for a Mommy Makeover surgery. Of course, you must do some thorough research beforehand to make a well-informed decision. And if you decide to do it, you should apply these ideas to prepare for Mommy Makeover surgery.

How Working From Home Is Fueling a Desire for Plastic Surgery

Posted on: May 23rd, 2022

6 Minute Read: 

A woman working from her kitchen island

Despite the fact that the pandemic has been disastrous to the majority of people in the world, there are a few industries that prospered during that time. You might’ve heard the statistic that the number of people seeking plastic surgery increased in the last couple of years, and it’s completely accurate. 

It might seem random at first look, but the story is much more complicated in reality. 

In this article, we will try to uncover all the variables that could’ve led to this and answer the still present question of how working from home is fueling a desire for plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery as a Growing Trend

For the past few decades, plastic surgery has been booming. Celebrities in all industries have been seeking plastic surgery and similar treatments for ages and for many different reasons. 

Some were looking for a way to fix what they perceived was a “flaw.” The others were trying to correct the “flaws” that the public and media pointed out to them, while the rest were just doing it to look and feel better. While all of those reasons are equally valid and understandable nowadays, they weren’t as acceptable in the past. 

Many celebrities hid the fact that they had facelifts or similar surgeries from the public. They even claimed different “miracle cures” or habits that helped them get rid of wrinkles.

A woman getting Botox injections.

While plastic surgery has been around for a long time, it has only stopped being taboo in recent decades.

“Normalizing” Plastic Surgery

While plastic surgery used to be considered somewhat taboo and shameful in the past, things have changed drastically in recent years. 

Pop culture and social media have influenced a new generation of people who are proud of their cosmetic improvements and open about them. Many currently popular influencers and celebrities are transparent with their audiences about all the work they have done in the past. They sometimes even share the information of the doctor who did their rhinoplasty, gave them BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, etc. 

While there are still people who are critical of celebrities promoting surgeries and cosmetic procedures, most can agree that the fact that they are open about it is an improvement. 

By openly stating they had cosmetic procedures done, celebrities and influencers can help “normalize” these kinds of treatments. Moreover, while being open about it, they’re also raising awareness about the unattainable beauty standards nowadays, which is another critical issue. 

All of this can make people who were skeptical about plastic surgery overcome their skepticism and decide to take a leap and have some work done. It can help them feel better and no longer ashamed about the surgery they want.

The Zoom Effect Fueling a Desire for Plastic Surgery

After we looked at some broader cultural effects that led to the popularization of plastic surgery, it’s time to focus back on our question: how exactly is working from home fueling a desire for plastic surgery. 

The answer might not be what you’re expecting, but in many cases, it can be reduced to a single word: Zoom. 

According to experts at, the pandemic and working from home made many people want to redecorate their homes and optimize their storage space. A part of this was to have a better-looking zoom background in meetings. 

But Zoom’s effect isn’t limited to this. Zoom also made a lot of people question their appearance and consider plastic surgery. Many people went from simply glancing at themselves while washing their hands during toilet breaks to suddenly staring at their image on a screen for hours each day when they switched to online work and meetings. 

After some time, the things they perceived as “flaws” started bothering them more and more, and, suddenly, they couldn’t see past their “flaws.” They needed to get it fixed.

A woman using a computer that is fueling a desire for plastic surgery

Looking at yourself for long periods of time can cause you to see flaws that aren’t really there, fueling a desire for plastic surgery

An Abundance of Free Time

So, plastic surgery is “normalized,” and after staring at their reflection on the screen for hours, people become obsessed with the idea of improving their appearance. This alone still doesn’t wholly explain the massive number of people who went through with it. 

Even before the pandemic, many people thought about surgery but never gave it a second thought. What makes things different is that during the pandemic, those who thought about plastic surgery usually had enough time to research everything about it and consider it more seriously than ever before. They had hours to read all the popular online blogs and experiences. This helped them get informed about the subject enough to go through with it.

The Ideal Timing

Another way working from home could have affected the popularity of plastic surgery is by providing people with enough time to discreetly heal after surgery. Those working from home no longer feared showing up to work only days after they had injectable fillers or other work done, with visible scarring or swelling. 

Working from home allowed them privacy without the questioning eyes of other co-workers. Moreover, if they ever decide to go in public, they can always wear a mask to hide their face.

A man using three computers in his home office.

With the number of people working from home decreasing, we can only guess that the number of cosmetic surgeries will decrease too.

The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Although most people agree that the pandemic is near its end, many still choose to work from home. The debates about working from the office vs. working from home are ongoing, but there will never be a clear winner. 

It’s all up to personal preference. While some people love the peace and quiet of working from their home office, others love getting ready and even commuting to their office building.

When it comes to working from home, one of the most important tips most people point out is to have a well-organized office. It’s important to feel like you’re on the job even when working from home. Otherwise, if you don’t have a drastic change from “working” mode to “non-working” mode, you will feel like you’re always on the job and never have time to rest. 

A great way to get in the zone is to always work from your home office. If your home office is small, you can find various tips online on maximizing space while working from home and how to create more space or declutter your home office.

Final Thoughts

Plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments have seen an enormous boost, especially in the past few days. Although it might seem strange at first glance, it makes total sense that working from home is fueling a desire for plastic surgery at the moment. However, as more and more companies switch back to the on-site model, who knows what will happen in the future and if this trend will continue or die out. 

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