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Can Pregnancy Affect My Breast Implants?

Pregnancy and ImplantsFor many women, their breast augmentation is an investment. Even though you may be overjoyed at the news of your pregnancy, you might be feeling some slight trepidation. Perhaps babies weren’t on your radar when you underwent breast augmentation, or maybe you were pretty sure that you were finished having children. But now, faced with the most body-altering experience in a woman’s life, you may be worried that your original investment was all for not. Here is the truth about what will happen to your breast implants during and after pregnancy.

Your Breast Implants Are Fine

Some women fear that the pressure caused by enlarged milk glands may affect the integrity of their implants. This most likely won’t happen. Your breasts will grow larger, but the pressure won’t cause your implants to rupture or change shape.

Your Breast Tissue May Change

While your implants are fine, the surrounding breast tissue may change. When the breasts enlarge during pregnancy and then shrink following nursing, your breast tissue can become weak. It is common for women to experience breast sagging following pregnancy. In some cases, your breasts can become misshapen. A number of factors will determine whether this will occur, including your skin elasticity, change in breast size during pregnancy, and environmental factors. It is impossible to predict exactly how pregnancy will affect your breast tissue.    

If you do experience tissue sagging following pregnancy, you might want to consider a breast lift. Breast lift surgery removes excess breast skin and tightens the remains tissue. While the procedure is more intricate for patients who already have implants, it can restore the youthful appearance of their breasts. If your breast implants need to be replaced, you can combine a breast lift with your implant exchange procedure.   

Implants and Breastfeeding

It is impossible to predict whether your implants will affect your ability to breastfeed. It isn’t a common complication, but problems can occur for some women. The amount of natural glandular tissue you have prior to your breast augmentation may be a predictor of whether your milk glands will produce enough milk for lactation. Also, if your incisions caused a loss of nipple sensation, you might experience difficulties nursing. It is important not to become discouraged and to try to breastfeed multiple times following birth. Some women naturally have issues with nursing, and practice can help.

If you are considering a breast augmentation or require a breast lift following pregnancy, schedule your consultation with Dr. Wald today. Contact our office at (714) 312-3549 or fill out our online contact form here for additional information.

How Old is Too Old?

You're Never Too Old for Plastic SurgeryYou’re Never Too Old for Plastic Surgery

Are you considering plastic surgery? If you’re in your 40s or 50s, you may wonder if you’re too old to undergo a procedure like a facelift or liposuction. While most plastic surgery procedures are performed on patients under 70 years of age, the patient’s overall health and medical conditions will ultimately determine if an individual is suited for plastic surgery.

In fact, a 73-year-old woman from England recently underwent a facelift, neck lift, and a breast augmentation to improve the attractiveness of her face and body.

“I have friends my age who dress much more conservatively than me who say, ‘I wish I could wear what you do.’ There’s nothing stopping them though – it’s just all in their head. Just because I’m in my eighth decade, I don’t see why I should fade into the background.”

The retired secretary also joined the dating site, Receiving several inquiries from men in their 30s and 40s (she’s respectfully turned them down), she felt very flattered that her new appearance was able to attract younger men. Aside from loving the way she looks physically, she says:

“There is nothing wrong with a little bit of nip and tuck to keep myself looking as young as I feel.”

Ms. Pesch proves that if your health is good and you’re free of any serious medical conditions, age plays a smaller role than once thought.

If you desire to undergo surgery and want to know if you’re a candidate, we encourage you to contact our Orange County practice by calling (888) 401-2806 or by filling out our online contact form. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Wald looks forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Male Breast Reduction- A Simplified Approach

A common problem among adolescents and older men is the development of excess fat or glandular tissue in the male breast. An estimated 40-60% of men suffer from this condition, which can occur in either one or both breasts, at some time in their lives. The cause of gynecomastia is not well understood, but it is suspected that hormonal changes often play a role. Anabolic steroids that contain estrogen, marijuana use, and prescribed hormones are a factor in some instances. Massive weight loss can also result in hanging breasts that detract from a man’s appearance.

Plastic surgery offers a solution for men who are troubled by this embarrassing condition. Through the use of ultrasonic liposuction most cases of gynecomastia can be corrected. The excess skin shrinks and contracts following liposuction leaving a smooth and normal contour to the breast area. Only in severe cases will skin and glandular tissue be required to be removed to create a firmer, flatter, and better contoured male breast.

Fat Injections To Face and Body

Benefits of Fat Injections

Fat has long been used as a soft tissue filler to add volume to the face and lips. Many patients like the idea of using their own fat, rather than a pharmaceutical filler, to restore volume that has been lost through the aging process or to “plump up” areas that lack dramatic contours. One of the benefits of fat injections is that because fat is removed from your own body, there is no possibility of an allergic reaction. There is also evidence that stem cells are abundantly present in the fat. These stem cells may have a rejuvenated skin ability beyond volume enhancement alone.

Fat can be safely injected into the face by a skilled plastic surgeon. It can also be injected in other areas of the body to fill in dents or depressions. Recent evidence also shows that fat can be injected into the breasts, both for volume and to enhance the healing qualities of radiated or damaged tissue. This appears to be a new and exciting area of fat injections.

Recovery from fat injection is much longer than recovery following injection of most pharmaceutical soft tissue fillers. Following fat injections there will be significant bruising and swelling that may last several days to several weeks. The size and location of treat areas will determine the severity of post-treatment symptoms and the time needed for complete recovery.

Different Size Breasts

Breast Asymmetry Surgeon

breast asymmetry

Actual patient with corrected breast asymmetry.

According to the statistics in Plastic Surgery, 88% of all women have different size breasts, also known as breast asymmetry. This includes breasts that are different shapes and sizes, nipples and inframammary creases at different levels, and variability in cleavages. When I see a woman in consultation, it is very important that I relate these anatomical features to her. Because it is impossible to correct all these differences, a surgical plan is developoed according to the woman’s priorities. I have found a careful and well thought out surgical plan enables my patients to have excellent results and an improvement in their preoperative asymmetries.  Please contact our office with any questions or concerns, or to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Please contact our office with any questions or concerns, or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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