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Our group at The Aesthetic Institute is defined by seamless teamwork, dedication to patient care, and a commitment to excellence. Each staff member upholds and represents Dr. Wald’s high standards for his plastic surgery practice. As a team, we strive toward a singular goal: to fulfill the best outcomes for patients so they leave feeling happy, confident, and satisfied in having received the best of care.


Barbara, Practice Manager

Barbara is the Practice Manager who oversees all operations at The Aesthetic Institute, including administrative, financial, licensing, and everything in between. Efficient and effective, Barbara is present at the end of the patient’s initial consultation and oversees all back-end functions to maintain the practice and ensure a positive patient experience.

“Patients are the #1 priority. Getting to know patients and helping them to achieve the best outcomes is the most fulfilling aspect of what we do.”

— Barbara


Denise, Patient Coordinator

As our Patient Coordinator, Denise is their primary point of contact at The Aesthetic Institute. From the first phone call to your initial office visit to post-operative appointments, she makes sure you feel welcome and are well-informed. Denise holds a cosmetology license and is passionate about studying the health, beauty, and youthfulness of the body’s largest organ—the skin. She manages the practice’s medical-grade skin care line in addition to her work behind the scenes and with patients.

“I love making a connection with patients and being part of their journey. It’s always gratifying to witness how thrilled they are with their decision in the end.”

— Denise


Monique, Director of Nursing

As a Registered Nurse and our Director of Nursing, Monique is as meticulous as she is compassionate. She coordinates surgeries and checks that every detail of each operation goes according to plan. She is present from start to end of every surgery, assisting Dr. Wald as needed and giving each patient attentive care. As part of the operating room team, Monique prioritizes safety and order and helps patients overcome anxieties to have the best experience possible.

“Some patients have waited years for this day. It’s incredible when they see their results. My favorite part of what I do is seeing a patient leave happy.”

— Monique


Melissa, Certified Surgical Technologist

Diligent and attentive, Melissa is our Certified Surgical Technologist. She is present from start to finish for every surgery, keeping the operating room sterile, instruments systematized, and details organized. Melissa assists with all perioperative surgical procedures, working closely with Dr. Wald and as Monique’s assistant to ensure smooth operations and an excellent patient experience.

“I feel at home in the middle of the action and enjoy observing Dr. Wald’s expert surgical techniques.”

— Melissa

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