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Orange County Melanoma Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Melanoma

The cardinal feature observed in a skin lesion that proves to be melanoma is a change observed over a period of months. The time scale of the observed change is important. If a lesion grows so that it doubles its size within 10 days, it is usually an inflammatory (irritant) condition. If the lesion grows slowly that the patient or his relatives are unsure of any change, the lesion is often benign. However, medical advice should be sought regarding a lesion that doubles its size in 3 to 8 months. These symptoms may include growth in the diameter or contour of the mole, a change in color, bleeding, itching, ulceration, or the development of a palpable lymph node.

Growth (increased size) and color change (usually darker) are the symptoms most commonly seen first. They occur in over 70% of early, curable melanomas. Most lesions arise from a pre-existing mole, either on the trunk or leg. Please note that these facts and see your doctor immediately if you see these types of dark lesions.

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