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Beware of Red Spots-Possible Skin Cancer

In my practice, a lot of patients point out to me red spots located on their faces and body. It is important to realize that some of these red areas may be early or actual skin cancer. The most common types of red spots are actinic keratosis (premalignant) and basal cell carcinomas.

It is very difficult for a patient to determine what these lesions represent. Typically, a red lesion that is present for many months, that itches, is scaly and flakes, is of concern. A strong history of sun exposure and a fair skinned individual are at high risk for developing these lesions.

When I see these lesions, a biopsy must be done to determine a diagnosis. In most cases, various anticancer creams can be applied to non-cancerous lesions. If a basal cell cancer is found, a minor surgery or radiation therapy is used to treat these cancers. It is important to realize that these cancers are not life threatening as long as they are caught early and treated. It is my advice that everyone examine their selves regularly and see their doctor for any suspicious lesions.

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