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Rhinoplasty – The nose is a very prominent part of our face

The nose is a very prominent part of our face. A nose that is long, short, narrow or wide can be considered attractive. The most important aspect in judging the aesthetics of a nose is whether it fits one’s face in a complimentary way. A nose that is in harmony with other facial features blends in.

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) can be done for cosmetic or reconstructive (breathing issues or trauma) purposes. Insurance will cover breathing impairment or a traumatic nasal deformity. Not uncommonly, patients request a combination of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

The patient must be extremely be extremely diligent in finding a nose surgeon. The skill of the plastic surgeon is the key factor in achieving the type of result that each patient desires. I many instances, the best results are those that are subtle. A surgeon who has performed several hundred rhinoplasties is best suited to perform this surgery. Even with extensive experience, revisional nasal surgery may be needed. The number of re-operations tend to be markedly higher in the untrained hands.

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