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Can Inverted Nipples Be Cured? If so, How?

While some patients have nipples that occasionally invert due to a change in temperature or stimulation, others may struggle with nipples that stay permanently inverted. Inverted nipples (nipples that indent more than they protrude) can be quite bothersome and negatively impact a man or woman’s self-esteem. Although inverted nipples will not affect your overall health or nipple sensitivity, men and women who struggle with this issue can feel embarrassed about what they may think is an “unnatural” appearance. It may also impact their dating and social life. Thankfully, there are safe treatments and surgical procedures that can address this issue.  

Female with small breasts covering her nipples with fingers


Inverted nipples can develop spontaneously but usually become more apparent during puberty. This occurs when the nipple is retracted into the breast tissue, causing it to appear flat. Inverted nipples can also be caused by the presence of shortened milk ducts and ligaments, which can serve as a restraint to the nipples when your chest is growing. Other, less common causes for this condition can include trauma or breast cancer. While some patients may struggle with only one inverted nipple, others may find themselves with both nipples inverted.


In rare cases, the inversion of the nipple can be reversed simply by stimulating it yourself. However, manually stimulating the nipple may only provide temporary results. Patients wanting to correct their inverted nipples can seek out the treatment options listed below to attain a more natural appearance.


Surgery is the solution most patients turn to in order to achieve natural-looking nipples. Inverted nipple surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. Dr. Wald will make an incision along the base of the nipple and shave down the nipple’s attachments to produce a protruding appearance. The incision will then be closed, and a medicated gauze will be placed over the treated area.

Suction Devices   

Suction devices can be placed over the nipple, or nipples, and worn underneath your clothing for a period of time to help them protrude. The nipple will be stretched out and attached to a small cup that causes stimulation in order to loosen the tissue. Make sure you talk with your doctor to see if this treatment is right for you.


Piercing your nipples can also help draw them out and keep them extended. It is important to seek out a professional who has experience in piercing inverted nipples to perform this treatment. Your piercer will make sure your nipples are fully drawn out before any jewelry is inserted. Depending on how severe the condition is, most men will be pierced using a 14-gauge needle and most women will require a 16-gauge needle.   

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