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Activities You Should Avoid After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast implants laid out on a blue sheet

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are steps you can take to ensure the surgery is a success. Just like choosing the right surgeon is crucial, so is the way you handle the recovery period. If you understand that you need to give your body time to recover and adjust to the change, you are halfway there. The first few weeks are crucial, and there are certain things you should avoid post-surgery to evade possible complications. While, as you might expect, you don’t need to implement a new diet, there are certain medications you should avoid. While you can pick up discarded dirty socks off the floor, deadlifting in the gym is a general no-no. Give yourself time to recuperate, and things will soon get back to normal. In the meantime, here are activities you should avoid after breast augmentation surgery.


Well, that might not be the most skillfully crafted heading ever. Yes, you can (and should) sleep, but the position is essential. Try sleeping on your back. Avoid sleeping on your side and especially on your stomach. A recommended period for this is usually at least six weeks after the surgery.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that your head and shoulders are raised on a pillow. The reason for all of this is that it takes time for the implants to settle. Sleeping on your stomach could cause them to slip or lead to other complications. 

A woman lying on her side wrapped in a towel

As tempting as it may be to take a quick nap, avoid sleeping on your side or stomach until you have fully recovered.


Sticking to the one-word heading format, next on our list is lifting things. As mentioned, you can lift and hold lighter objects, but try to avoid this as much as possible. It goes one step further than this. Even hugging should be avoided if possible. The next one is a little hard to handle, but it is also not advised to carry your child. Heavy lifting, of course, is out of the question. It simply takes time for the implants to settle and for your body to adjust. You need to let this process run its natural course. Logically, you need to be careful about exercising too. There are certain exercises you can do, but the time frame is relevant, so be sure to read up on that. 

A woman deadlifting

If doctors suggest avoiding picking up heavy purses post-surgery, hopefully, it’s clear why the gym can wait for a month or two!


This, of course, pertains to showers and washing, not the drinking of said beverage. Generally, you should avoid getting your breasts wet the first few days. Your wounds and dressings must be kept dry. Baths should be avoided for the first couple of weeks, but of course, consult your doctor. They will be able to give you more detailed advice. If a waterproof bandage has been used, this could change some of the restrictions


There are a few things to avoid here:

  • A low protein diet – This can be detrimental. In most cases, we have a reasonable protein intake, but if that is not generally the case with you, try to augment your meals with protein-rich foods. Why? Protein helps with the healing process. If this is not possible for whatever reason, talk to a professional about a possible supplement.
  • A low vitamin C diet – This too can have adverse effects. See, vitamin C helps with collagen formation. Also, there is a reason why citrus fruits are pretty handy during the winter. They help fight off infections and colds. Here’s a pro tip, introducing broccoli and spinach into your diet will ensure you get the best of both worlds – both vitamin C and protein.
  • Aspirin – You may or may not know the story behind Bruce Lee’s death, but as handy as aspirin can be, there are times to avoid it. Aspirins affect blood clotting, and this can lead to excessive bleeding. You can imagine the possible implications this can have, so better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, when it comes to activities you should avoid after breast augmentation surgery, taking pain medication is one of them. Consult with your doctor to see what is and isn’t acceptable in your particular situation.


Don’t. Don’t smoke. Also, please don’t drink alcohol either. As you can imagine, both these activities have a negative effect on our body’s ability to heal. Think of it this way – your body has experienced a significant ‘trauma’, you’ve had surgery, it needs to tackle this issue. This is its top priority now. To do that, it shouldn’t need to struggle with outside factors that make that job more difficult. Let it do its thing, and once you are in the clear, you can slowly go back to your daily routine.  

A woman refusing a cigarette

Smoking is one of the activities you should avoid after breast augmentation surgery, as it will negatively impact the healing process.


It could happen that the timing is a bit off, and your surgery coincides with your upcoming relocation. It’s hard to schedule these things sometimes, logistics are like that, and timetables and schedules get moved around. Talking of moving around, you need to pack before you can do that. However, this involves a lot of boxes and heavy things. Even if you are not recovering from surgery, packing properly and efficiently can be tricky. Therefore, it is always best to let experts handle this and avoid hurting your healing body. They will have you packed and ready for the move in no time!


It would be a shame to break the one-word trend now, at the finish line. Together, we’ve gone over the activities you should avoid after breast augmentation surgery. The point is that you need to approach the recovery period seriously. Your initial decision was probably made with a lot of research and care. Sometimes, once we finally make up our minds, it feels like the hard part is over, and we relax. The fact of the matter is you need to see the process through to the very end. Once your body has done its thing, and you are fully healed, then you can finally relax and be content in the knowledge that even though it was not an easy journey, you made it to the end. If you have additional questions about breast augmentations, you already know where you can find the answers!

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