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Why Is Exercise Crucial After Liposuction

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Exercising equipment, including small weights and yoga mat and blocks.

Long gone are the days of stigma and shame around subjects such as plastic surgery and liposuction. We’ve grown and have come to accept that everyone has the right to treat their own body however they like. As long as you’re healthy, happy, and content, nothing else matters. That being said, there are inevitable repercussions that you need to expect before, during, and post-procedure. Being ready and prepared for everything that you could experience is essential for your overall well-being. One of the most crucial and often neglected parts of getting lipo is realizing why exercise is crucial after liposuction and applying the data you’ve learned to your case.

Rest Is Just as Important as Exercise

First of all, you mustn’t get any wrong ideas. Of course, you should learn why exercise is crucial after a tummy tuck and take the benefits seriously. However, it would be best if you also learned about the importance of rest. During liposuction, your body will go through a stressful and tiring process. Even though you’ll recover and the procedure you’re going through is safe, your body isn’t really aware of this. Like in any other stressful situation, your body will need some time to readjust and get used to this new form. It’s imperative to take the recommended two-week bedrest seriously. 

A girl resting on her bed, lying face-down.

As much as exercise is crucial after liposuction, you should also rest. 

How Soon Will You Be Able to Go to the Gym?

Whether you’ve regularly exercised your whole life or wish to get into a fitness routine to maintain the results of your liposuction, there are specific rules that you need to be wary about. As we’ve previously stated, you’ll be advised (hopefully very strongly) to have a resting period that lasts about two to three weeks. After that, your body will start to heal and recover at a faster pace. We’ve created a sort of timeframe which you can take as advice that you can then modify accordingly. It’s of utmost importance to listen to your body and adjust anything that you find too challenging or even too easy.

Post-lipo schedule

  • Rest
  • As we’ve stated, you should rest for at least two weeks and let your body recover.
  • Light walks
  • Once the two-week time frame has passed, make sure to consider how you’re feeling. If you’re regularly active, you’ll probably recover a bit faster. This is the point where you should start implementing light exercise. Once you start walking and a couple of days have gone by, you’ll realize why exercise is crucial after liposuction. You will notice the difference in how your body feels. The stronger your muscles are, the easier everyday activities will become.
  • Start implementing strength exercises
  • Once four to five weeks have gone by, it’s time to get a bit more serious. Start doing light strength exercises if you feel stronger and more confident in how much your body can handle. Your muscles will need some time to readjust, so go easy on yourself. 
  • As you were
  • Coming up to the seventh and eighth week, you’ll feel much stronger if you’ve followed the time frame we’ve suggested. Typically, this is the time when you should begin to behave as if you’ve never had any surgery. Of course, this is all very dependent on your particular situation, and you should take every bit of advice with a grain of salt.
A girl exercising by doing crunches.

Make sure to listen to your body and do the exercise after liposuction correctly.

The Compression Garment Is Your Best Friend

You’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you’ll feel uncomfortable during the first few weeks. However, there’s a way to make this period a bit easier. Wearing a compression garment will tighten everything up, and you’ll be able to relax a bit more. Simply put, it’s there to offer support to your body and mind. Nevertheless, depending on the type of liposuction you’ve had as well as the time it’ll take you to recover, you should consult with your doctor on how often and how soon you can use this helpful tool.

Best Types of Exercises to Do After Liposuction

  • Walking or hiking
  • Light walks prove to be a lot more beneficial to our bodies than we think. You’ll come to appreciate a good long walk once your strength comes back.
  • Yoga 
  • After a while, you’ll be ready to stretch and bring some muscles into your routine. Yoga is perfect for this. Make sure to choose beginner’s classes at the start.
  • Zumba
  • Once the six weeks have passed, many people tend to shut down and stop exercising or continue to do only very moderate workouts. Especially if you didn’t exercise pre-lipo, this is very understandable. Exercising can be overwhelming and tedious. That’s why Zumba is a perfect choice since you’ll be able to sweat out everything that you want to while still keeping the fun alive.

You Need to Pay Attention to What You Eat as Well

You’ve learned why exercise is crucial after liposuction. However, you should also consider the importance of your post-op diet. Aside from talking to your doctor about it, it would be best to do some research before your procedure. Try to keep your diet as light as possible. However, it should also be nutritious and healing. Lean meats, lots of veggies, beans, and nuts are your best friends. Try to avoid any food that’ll prevent you from letting go of the water and swelling, especially salt and other ingredients rich in sodium.

 A plate of veggies and healthy food.

Make sure to eat balanced and nutritious meals after liposuction.

Hire a Professional

If you feel overwhelmed and cannot get yourself to exercise after lipo, that’s normal. Hiring a professional trainer is a great way to overcome this fear. Pros at Dubai Personal Trainers say that professional fitness trainers are great at recognizing your limits and listening to what you have to say before they develop an appropriate routine. 

Don’t Overdo It

If you start exercising too soon, your body will rebel. It’s only natural. If you’re an overachiever and tend to bite off more than you can chew, make sure to take a step back and realign. Some signs you’ve exercised too much are feeling burnout, tired, weak, overwhelmed, and emotional.

Maintenance Is Key

The question of why exercise is crucial after liposuction has been answered. However, what about what comes after that? Once everything settles down, you need to be persistent and continue working out. The best way to achieve this is to come up with a routine that’s sustainable to you. Additionally, beating yourself up about falling into past habits won’t do anybody any good. Be kind and forgiving to yourself.

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