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Skin Tightening Using the Sciton® Laser

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.55.22 AMThe quality of your skin changes dramatically over the course of life. When you’re young, your skin is smooth, firm, and plump. As you age, it thins, loosens, and sags. Over time, your skin may begin to show wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess that make you appear older. Many men and women alike who experience these changes in skin quality could look years younger if they knew what technology is available today. One of the best tools for skin tightening is the Sciton® Laser, which can reverse the problems of loose, thin, and sagging skin. With the expert hand of Dr. Robert Wald at The Aesthetic Institute, the Sciton® Laser can rejuvenate your skin and refresh your appearance.

How Does Your Skin Age?

As you age, your skin quality changes and eventually begins to sag, loosen, and thin out. The main reason your skin ages in this way is because your body slows its production of collagen. Collagen is a fibrous, structural protein, and it is a major component of your skin’s connective tissue. This protein gives your cells structure and strength. Some of its primary roles include strengthening your skin tissue and keeping your skin elastic. Thus, when collagen begins to deplete, it’s no longer around to keep your skin healthy, strong, and elastic. This is why skin thins, loosens, and sags over time.

Reversing the Process

Sciton® LaserCollagen production slows and weakens at different rates for different people. If you look at someone who is around your age or older and think that they look younger than you, perhaps the process of collagen breakdown is occurring at a faster rate for you. But with the help of cutting-edge technology, you can reverse this process. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Wald uses the newest technology in the Sciton® Laser to rejuvenate skin quality and restore firmness to the skin.

The Sciton® Laser

The Sciton® Laser sends infrared heat energy deep into the skin to trigger the collagen fibers to contract. With Dr. Wald’s controlled application of these heat waves, the existing collagen strengthens, new collagen forms, and loose tissues start to become firm. The natural process of collagen production begins to work more effectively once again, and the results continue to improve over several months. Due to sapphire contact cooling, no surface tissue is harmed during treatment.

  • Quick treatment (15 to 30 minutes)
  • No downtime with little to no recovery period
  • Surface skin is protected while deep skin tissue is treated
  • Safe and effective for all skin tones and types
  • Can treat multiple areas on the face and body


Skin tightening with the Sciton® Laser effectively leads to firmer, more youthful skin. To see how this cutting-edge technology can improve your skin and help you look and feel younger, call (714) 738-4282 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Wald today.

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