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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Orange County

Innovations in Breast Reconstruction Surgery Enhance Results

breast reconstruction surgery

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Plastic surgeons for the last few years have human tissue (Acellular Dermis) available that enhances our breast reconstruction results.  This material (Alloderm), made by Life Cell, gives extra coverage and support in selected patients.  By placing this material under the breast skin and subcutaneous tissue we are able to help prevent rippling of an underlying breast implant.  This also is true for a very thin cosmetic patient.  Recent articles suggest that ACD may also help prevent capsular contracture.  Even though the results with ACD are still early, it appears that this material will continue to enhance our results.

Breast Revision procedures for post-breast reconstruction and post-breast augmentation are also enhanced by ACD.  Problems such as bottoming out, inframammary fold malposition and breast asymmetries can be corrected using this material.  There appears to be very few problems associated with ACD and it has been found to be extremely safe.  I have found ACD to be very helpful in problem cases.

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